Expositions and publications

A collection of Expositions and Publications around my work.

The very first exhibition will be held during the Kunstroute in Broek in Waterland, The Netherlands. During the two day event, 9 new pieces will be introduced and put up for sale.

The collection is a memorial for experimentation, failure and learning to go with the unexpected. The story of my family, the drive behind my urge to create will be told.

“Art is free and that’s what makes it so beautiful. Everyone sees something different and with this series, I invite everyone to use their imagination and see whatever they see in the pieces. What do you see? How do you feel with this piece? What do you think connects them? In what way do they connect to you? Every answer is correct.”

– Linda Buijs



Entree Price: FREE

Explaining the story, the technique and the thought behind the collection to visitors.

LMBuijs, grandfather and brother underneath the 4 main canvasses.

An ode to experimentation and failure, accidental art:

My grandparents live in Broek and my mother grew up here. I have been painting since I can remember, I did this with my grandmother Tiny van Dam, I always looked up to her, her passion for painting and the feeling she put into her work and portrayed. Now it’s time for me to take over, almost 13 years after her death.

My work is centered around color and shape recognition, which I achieve not through the use of brushes but through the manipulation of paint with plastic. This technique came about by accident after dropping a sandwich bag on my wet canvas. I get a lot of inspiration from nature, the elements and their way of moving. This gives my work a distinct look and texture. Using reflective paint, my canvases change along with the position of the light. Each canvas is a nod to a character from modern pop culture, the nostalgia of the current generation.

Art is open, it gives you the space to draw your own conclusions and see your own shapes, everyone sees something different and that is what makes art so beautiful. I invite you to discover your own shapes. What do you see? How do you feel about this? What is the connection?

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