Student date box

During this project we were assigned to create a

budget dinner box targeted to students and their first dates.



This project got me thinking;

There are so many students who are going to do a travel box, cinema box, culture box, etc. I want to create something no-one dares to present or even create a date box of.

That’s when the god of crazy idea’s stuck me with lightning.

A kinky sex box!

I created “Vanilla and Spice” This brand has 4 boxes in total. 2 Boxes in the 20,- budget and 2 boxes in the 50,- budget.


Logo’s that didn’t make the cut, experimentation with positioning and style;



For the final designs I decided to add more of the ‘sensual food’ elements on the boxes. The Nibble box has a whiped cream top, the Vanilla box has a vanilla top, the Spice box has a chocolate top and the Kink box has a lace top.

Below you will find the first designs for the Vanilla and Spice Boxes.


The icons used on the boxes to show their diffirences;

What’s the diffirence?

The Nibble box is the softests when it comes to kinks, containing just sensual foods and a game. The tiers get higher untill you reach the Kink box, this box contains toys which you combine with the sensual foods like banana and chocolate.



I wanted to make the website as simple yet elegant as possible. Keeping the ‘sensual food’ elements and the color purple in the site.

Before those designs there were some designs that didn’t make the final cut;

Cards of kinks

What is a kink box without a kinky game? These are the designs for the game cards and instruction.


Other media

Other media I created for this project.

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