For this project I was tasked to create a religion that was centered round my believes.


My first thoughts were; creating a religion around animals and how we treat them, after a brief brainstorm session I came to this idea.;

We are not from here, we originate from a diffirent planet but were banished to earth due to our violent nature, constant fighting and arguing. Cats were send to earth to keep an eye on the human race. Kittyism sees these cats as our only way to get back to our planet of origin. Sacrificing those who harm to the supreme lord Artemis.

Previous design idea’s:


In these posters the campaign “Draw a line through violence” reigns supreme.

The goal is to literally draw a line though violence with blood or just red paint. Red calls for action, I also aimed to make it look like blood, enforcing the meaning behind the posters.

The letters are hand drawn to make it look like graffiti, showing the rebelliousness and freedom of this religion.

Making of;

The posters were hand painted and scanned. You will find the “making of” down below supported by the music that inspired me to make these the way they are today.


The website of Kittyism is used as a subsciption method. Do you want to join our cult/religion? You must first chose your very own victim.

Your victim will be sacrificed at your entrance ceremony, marking you as a true member of our group.

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