Trailer project

For this project I tasked to create a 30 second trailer about me.


What makes me special? That’s the question I asked myself, I never thought the answer was such a simple one though. I’ve decided to create a trailer about cosplay. The trailer is called I.D because I am a whole other person when I cosplay. People don’t recognize me in and out of cosplay, that’s why I chose the concept of multiple ID’s. In the trailer, one of my friends asks me what I did last weekend, to which I respond with the most basic things like watching a movie. But in truth, my weekends are filled with camera’s, fans and madness.

Camera, spotlight and action!


Below you will find the ID trailer. I really enjoyed picking all the scenes and watching my adventures during conventions.


Cosplay is short for costume-play, I recreate videogame and movie characters with costumes, hair and makeup. Combined with photography I bring people’s favorite characters to life. I’ve started cosplaying back in 2014, my first cosplay consisted of a cheap wig and my white bridesmaids gown. I started expanding my cosplay wardrobe over the years, now I’m one of the biggest and well-known cosplayers in The Netherlands. I’ve collaborated with numerous video- and photographers and traveled internationally. Cosplay makes me special and I’ve decided to make a movie trailer containing some videographer content and home-video content.


The video below is a compilation of Cosplay videography made from 2016 up till 2020. I made this as a 7 year anniversary celebration.


Video blogs

I started filming during shoots, making video blogs out of the shoots and locations I visit with my “Crew”. There are multiple video’s, use the arrows to flip through them!



Below you will find some photo’s of cosplays I’ve done over the years. Some of them are iconic and went viral, some of them are fan favorites.


This cosplay is one of my most expensive costumes, ranging at a whopping $500,-. The collaboration with Roy Coumans was such a succes that the photo was featured in the september 2018 edition of

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