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To the Bone

Material experimentation which went through skin and bone.

To the Bone shows my road to creating paint from bone marrow.



Hydraulic Dance

Why do things go down the way they do no matter if they are made from the same material or not?

I love embarrassing myself on video, a material experimentation project where I use my body to try and understand material and its behavior.



Life of a living organism

Part of the Autonomous practice: How do we define Public and Private? How do we separate them?

Maybe they are not ment to be separated.



Graphic Punk

What is value in the face of an apocalyptic future?

While creating a speculative narritive of a future, we’re faced with the task to re-imagine currency and create a value.

Why? To detroy it afterwards of course.



Culinary Decline

The branche hit most by the pandemic.
How are they really doing? How prominent is their deterioration?

Let’s start something new



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