Virtual Derive


After thinking a little bit more about the feedback I’ve received about the I-Nablers concept, I’ve re-organized my work and continued brainstorming. 

“It doesn’t have to be useful” Grabrielle said.  


Snapchat Location Enablers:

I’ve seen a lot of people in google maps, they are the ones who provide us with the pictures but sometimes they are also captured on the google image, in a few instances it looks like they are taking a selfie so I started thinking: What if you can take a selfie with them?

I created 2 demo snapchat filters, one for Hongkong and the other in Rotterdam Blaak. I didn’t succeed in adding the location to the filter but the idea of it being location based engages more curiosity “Who will we take a selfie with on this spot?”

Scan the snapchat codes and try them out yourself.

Rotterdam    –    Hongkong

I created the snapchat filter with an application called Lens Studio, it was a hassle to download as it required macOS 13.1 and I have macOS 10.3. I tried updating my mac which wasn’t a success so I searched for a older version of the application instead, this seemed to work.

I had to learn how to use the program using trial and error and a lot of Googling for answers. I managed to create 2, the Hongkong Enabler still has some opacity issues but I somehow managed to fix that with the Rotterdam one.

During my virtual derive I’ve found many interesting things, it actually caught my interest and kept it there. I’ve learned that sometimes things don’t have to be useful, as long as they’re fun.